Course Details

Course Name:

ST119 – IADC DIT (Stuck Pipe Prevention).

Course Dsecription:

This course will cover a practical review of stuck pipe incidents and the techniques employed to prevent their occurrence. Participants will have deep involvement in the analysis and discussion of real cases of stuck pipe events, the root causes and the solutions implemented..

Special attention will be given to the diagnosis of SP condition through the rig warning signs and to the implementation of first actions and remedial procedures (fishing or side tracking), following the evaluation of fishing economics and operational options..

Course Outlines:

Stuck pipe mechanisms.
Stuck pipe diagnosis.
Rig site warning signs & preventive measures.
Case histories on stuck pipes.
Exercises with online simulator.


The following oil and gas company personnel will benefit from the knowledge shared in this course:
     Drilling crews.
     Rig managers.
     Drilling foreman.
     Drilling engineers.
     Mud engineers.
     Wellsite geologists.
     Directional drillers.
     Drilling contractor staff.

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