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Course Name:

ST113 – IADC DIT (Fire Safety and Fire Fighting).

Course Dsecription:

The fire safety and firefighting program reflect the most current consensus on scientific recommendations. The program content includes the knowledge and skills necessary for participants to safely identify and take necessary actions when a fire is detected. The program stresses the basic steps to follow for different types of fires, starting by identifying the fire and evaluating its size, and how to notify others. If the fire size is small, which fire extinguisher to use based on fire class? If the fire size is not small, what is the safest way to use to evacuate the building or workplace? The actions to take while you are evacuating the building or workplace. The procedure to do after evacuation.

Course Outlines:

Types & classes of the fire.
Fire triangle and tetrahedron.
Fire prevention.
Fire extinguishers definition and components.
Understanding the types of fire extinguishers and their uses.
How to use a fire extinguisher.
Safety signs.
What to do when you discover a fire?.
First aid tips: how to help a person with burn injuries.
Work access equipment and platforms..
Rescue planning.


The candidates may have a broad range of backgrounds. They may differ in levels of education or experience.

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