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Course Dsecription:

Working at height is considered a highrisk activity and is a major safety concern in construction as well as in the oil and gas industry. Understanding the risks involved when working at height and then identifying and using safety equipment correctly is essential for working effectively and safely throughout your career.

This course focuses on developing the worker’s safety knowledge when working at height and preventing accidents in the workplace. It is designed to essential consistent knowledge for workers concerning core competencies required for working at height.

Course Outlines:

Identification of rights, roles, responsibilities, and regulations.
General hazards recognition of working at height.
Hierarchy of controls.
Warning methods and physical barriers.
Ladders and similar equipment.
Introduction to personal fall protection equipment.
Barriers and other fixed equipment.
Personal fall protection equipment.


All workers who are exposed to the hazard of falling from height and workers use personal fall protection equipment.

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