Course Details

Course Name:

ST109 – WellSharp - Well Servicing (Coiled Tubing Operation).

Course Dsecription:

The IADC WellSharp Oil & Gas Operator Representative Workover & Intervention course is essential training for those primarily responsible for overseeing coiled tubing operational processes of good control. Successful completion of the course and a pass on the online written assessment will result in IADC WellSharp certification which is valid for two years.

Course Outlines:

General overview of surface and subsurface wellbore equipment.
Risk awareness and management.
Well control principles.
Pressure control equipment.
Well kill in preparation for good interventions.
Organizing a good control operation.
Surface and subsurface wellbore equipment.
Coiled tubing service complications and solutions.
Well control drills.


The course has been designed for coiled tubing personnel including Supervisors, Engineers, and Coiled Tubing Operators.

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