Course Details

Course Name:

ST107 – WellSharp - Well Servicing (Wireline Operation).

Course Dsecription:

This course is designed to provide an overview of wireline equipment and its operations. Wireline operations are particularly important during completion and production. Wireline Field operators can run anything from a basic downhole directional survey to the most delicate gamma ray formation log. Often performing wireline operations can pose a serious risk to good condition, production, and integrity. This course is dedicated to highlighting the various wireline operations and procedures.

Course Outlines:

Risk awareness and management.
Well control principles.
Influx fundamentals.
Gas behavior.
Completion and workover fluids.
Surface and subsurface equipment.
Reasons for wireline operations.
Pressure control equipment.
Special situations & testing.
Emergency drills.


The course has been designed for wireline personnel including Field Engineers, Senior Field Engineers, and Supervisors (Cased Hole/Open Hole/Pip Recovery/Production Logging/TCP).

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