Course Details

Course Name:

ST102 – WellSharp Drilling Operation (Introductory Level).

Course Dsecription:

The aim of the IADC WellSharp introductory drilling well control course is to provide candidates with an understanding of the features of drilling a well and the fundamental principles involved in maintaining well control.

The course is delivered through the presentation of a series of interactive lectures supported by videos and animations, supplemented by a classroom workbook and further self-study exercises. Where available, candidates are also introduced to drilling simulation with the use of drilling simulator software which helps candidates to put the good control theory into practice

Course Outlines:

Well control concepts.
Mud & pit management.
Causes of kicks.
Abnormal pressure warning signs.
Kick detection.
Shut-in procedures & verification.
Post shut-in monitoring & activities.
Well control drills.
Well control methods.
Kill sheet.


The IADC WellSharp “Well Control for Drilling Operations – Introductory Level” course has been designed for rig crew up to the derrickman level, barge engineers, and subsea engineers.

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